Infants/Creche (3months- 18 months)


An environment like home

Our highly qualified staff provide care for babies in a safe environment similar to home. Low ratio of one teacher to 3 babies ensures every child receives lots of care and individualized attention in the Creche.

Learning through play

Children learn through sensory play, messy play, with lots of toys designed for their age group. Children are encouraged to learn through play and hands-on experience.

Sensory stimulation through music and language

Being exposed to music, language and creativity on a regular basis helps your baby’s body and mind work together while improving their socio-emotional and intellectual skills. We are always singing, dancing and sharing stories to keep your little one engaged

Individualized feeding schedule

Each child is fed follwing their individualized feeding plan agreed with Parents. We have a fridge for storing Breast milk as well. We help in the weaning process by gradually introducing solids provided by Parents to older babies to fuel their growth

Hygiene and cleanliness are priority

The Creche is designated a shoeless zone. The floors are kept clean regularly to ensure babies are in the cleanest environment possible while they crawl and explore. Beddings are washed regularly and each child as a seperate bed. Toys are cleaned regualrly as well.

Regular update for Parent through Parent communication app

Teachers will keep you updated daily by sharing helpful photos, videos and updates through the Parent app.


Enrol your child for a place amongst the stars




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